Saturday, January 7, 2012

a visit to the Albaycin

Did you know that there is a difference between a bar and a pub in Spain?  Well apparently there is.  A bar is a place that serves meals, alcohol, and tapas.  In a pub however, there is music, dancing, drinks, and no tapas or meals.  We started off last night in a bar, and I had my first experience with tapas.  In pretty much every Granada bar, they serve free appetizers called tapas whenever you order a drink.  We got a bowtie pasta dish and a rice dish just for ordering drinks.  From there, we aimlessly wandered the streets and ended up in a pub con muchos espanoles jovenes.  I arrived home around 2:30AM, woke up my senora when her dog went crazy, and slept til 10AM.  I woke up, ate breakfast and went on another amazing run.  At 4:30, I met up with my group at los correos and we took a trip to the Albaycin.  According to the facebook event group:

The Albaycin is the old Arab Quarter. It comprises approximately the area between the hill of the Alhambra, the hill of San Cristobal, the Sacromonte and Elvira.   
The Albaycin is like a different world within Granada. This is due to the strong Muslim influence in this area. It was the place where the first Siri court was built in the eleventh century. 
This is a district to explore. Walk through all its narrow streets and discover things that you cannot find in a guide book. No visit to the Albaycin can be complete without seeing the district from the Alhambra. 
The Albaycin is a neighbourhood where you can experience the atmosphere of its bars and terraces, and watch a red sunset over the Alhambra.

It was soooo beautiful there!  At the end of our tour, we went to a tea place and had tea and pastries.  I came back to my senoras house and she had me listen to some CD's that she had brought illegally from a street vender hahaha.  I put the CD's on my iTunes library so that I can now jam out to la musica de espana todo el tiempo.

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