Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Although I should be doing my homework right now, I figured I would update my blog.  Things are finally starting to fall into place with the whole Paris trip.  It was super stressful and super complicated to plan everything.  Not only did we have to figure out the flight, a hostel, and getting to and from the airport, but we also had to factor in a 5 hour bus ride and bus tickets to Madrid, where the flight leaves from. Honestly, I had no idea at all that Madrid was so far away when I brought my plane ticket.

Another thing that I was able to take care of was my whole boot situation.  I bought a pair of boots, wore them once, and found that they were too small.  I wasn't thinking and went to try to return them without cleaning off the bottoms first.  The evil Asian ladies in the store looked at the bottoms, said that I couldn't return them because I had walked in them.  When I was confused and said "que?" they demonstrated "walking" for me. Excellent.  Anyways, I went back a few days later and I swear it was the same lady working.  I got scared, and left.  After asking several of my friends to try to exchange them for me, and either they didn't have the time or were too scared to try haha, my one friend finally made the exchange for me. Hurray!

My last accomplishment of the week was booking a Hostel for my mom for when she comes to visit in March.  I can't wait! I know that she is going to love Granada.  I checked into a few different places on the internet, then went to look at them.  I found one place that was very close to my house, inexpensive, and had a discount for family members of students.  I was pretty scared to go and try to make reservations, but I did it.
I decided that I should buy a rolling suitcase to take with me on trips while I am here.  Luckily, there are a bunch of Asian Bazaars here that seriously have EVERYTHING.  Shoes, clothes, school supplies, makeup, toiletries, kitchen stuff, cleaning supplies, picture frames, household items, bathroom stuff, and much much more.  I was able to buy a rolling suitcase for 17 Euro, so not bad at all.  Then I went into the supermarket and discovered this beverage.

It was only 49 cents, huge, and pretty much sparkling lemonade.  This could be a problem because I have a feeling that it is going to be the new form of my former sparkling water addiction.  Lately, I just NEED something to drink that's not water, coffee, or tea.  The only beverages in the house besides those three are milk, chocolate milk juice boxes, coke, and "non-alcoholic beer." Yeah I know interesting...

But food wise, I really couldn't be much happier.  Eva makes homemade soup all the time, so a lot of times I'll have that, salad, and bread for lunch.  Today, she made a delicious bean and chickpea soup.  It's pretty funny that every single time she sets a plate in front of me she immediately asks "quieres mas?!" When my response is always "no, no estoy bien."  Yet she never fails to ask me.

My class schedule for when my classes at the University start on February 6th turned out pretty much exactly how I wanted them to, so I'm happy about that.  Classes are an hour and a half long and meet either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  I have class at 11:30, 3:30, and 5 every day.  I can't believe that I leave for France on Saturday! Ahh so crazy.


  1. I am sure the hostel will be lovely, and I appreciate the time that you put in to find it....but wait... is that graffiti on the wall?! I am really so impressed at how well you have done with all these travel arrangements.
    Now, I will try to do as equally a good job by finding us the perfect place to stay in Malaga.
    Enjoy Paris!!
    Love, Mom

  2. mother, mother, mother. You will have to see the graffiti here to know what I'm saying, but the graffiti here is more like artwork and is very meaningful. Nothing vulgar or obnoxious. So don't worry =]