Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, I´m in Spain! The flight went really smoothly for the most part.  Unfortunately when my family and I went to the international terminal, we were sent wayyyy back to terminal 3, where we had started out at.  After a somewhat teary goodbye, I frantially wandered around the airport, buying some apples, getting a gingerbread iced latte, and somehow only getting 60 Eros even though I wanted 100.  The lady at the currency exchange booth was so confusing so I was like whatever, just give me the 60.  I was actually able to sleep a lot on the flight, which was good since we arrived at Granada around 8AM their time.  I was fed some strange airport food during the flight of grey, slimy chicken, some sort of egg or shrimp or something salad, rice, cooked carrots and spinach, are tarimisou (I thought of you Alyssa).  Breakfast was really strange too: ham and cheese on this croissant bread thing, a cranberry muffin (tasty) juice, coffee, fruit cup and a kit kat bar.  Nothing says 7AM like a kit kat bar.  After getting off the plane in Granada, I met up with about 15 other ISU students who had been on my flight.  We all waited about two hours for a flight to Granada.  It´s so beautiful here! The city is tucked in some snow capped mountains.  It´s sunny and warm and full of life.  My host mom, Eva, has a son, a dog, and a cat.  Her and her mother picked me up from the bus stop.  She made me a delicious, traditional Spanish dish, which unfortunately I forgot the name of.  She also made a delicious, milky, pudding like dessert, which I also forgot the name of.  I´m not going to lie though, I´m scared out of my mind right now.  I honestly couldn´t understand what Eva and her mother were saying half the time.  We also can´t figure out how I can get Internet, so I'm using her son´s computer.  I just really wish I could understand more of what she is saying, because as of now I just feel confused, alone, and scared.  I know that it will only get easier though.

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  1. My dear daughter, it is a good thing that you do not understand every word, because if you did, you would have to come back home, as there would be no need to invest in your education. Enjoy the learning experience!