Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This afternoon I got to meet Eva's sister, her sister's two sons, and her great aunt.  All of them and her mom, who I already met, came over for Jorge's birthday celebration.  The greatest thing was seeing Jorge's little 10 year old cousin posing for a picture with his arms crossed, trying to look ganster, wearing the Chicago bulls baseball cap that my mom brought for me to give to Jorge.  Eva's sister's 23 year old son graduated from the University of Granada last year.  El es muy guapo hahaha.  I showed the family pictures of my family and friends and they loved them. 

Eva keeps the ISU postcard that I gave her proped up on a table in the living room and always shows people when they come and explain that it's my University in the United States.  She always wants to make me food and is constantly asking me if I'm hungry, which I never am cause she is constantly feeding me massive amounts of food.  She is so cute, and nice, and I just feel so lucky to have her as a host mom.

I'm having trouble not typing/thinking things in Spanish.  Good sign!  A final thought of the night, is that strange sink/urinal thing in the bathroom some sort of sink for washing things, a urinal, or none of the above? I have no idea.

Actually another last thought: If I keep constantly being offered coffee, tea, and beer (yes, the first night I was here Eva, her mom, and I tosted to my arrival and then of course tonight we all tosted to Jorge)  I will never be properly hydrated again.


  1. I smiled the entire time I read this post. Kristen I'm SO excited for you! This is such an awesome experience and I just love that you are loving it. I hope you got a picture of Jorge's cousin :)

    Love you!

  2. Hola Kristen- I know you will adapt quite well I to your new surroundings. Give it time..and remember's the journey, not the destination. Savor every moment of your experience. Also, the weird thing in el bano is a "bidet"....europeans love it for keeping all "under bits" clean! Have fun!
    Love, Becky