Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I feel like I am becoming a different person in Spain

Hola! Today was muy bueno.  Since my intensive language class is from 4-8PM, I had a very nice and relaxing morning.  I went for a run, showered, ate, looked over some old Spanish notes, and took a siesta.  I was a little nervous to start class, but I found that I really enjoyed it.  It is a small class, with about 10 students.  I am the only one from Illinois in my class.  There are people from New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and even two girls from other countries! (I forget which countries but one is Oriental and the other one is from some Island).  I have one teacher for the first hour, and then a different teacher for the last three hours.  Both of them were really nice, but I especially liked Adolfo Sanchez, who I have for the three hour session.

I was really surprised at how I acted during class.  I actually participated a lot, asked questions, and wasn't afraid to answer a question wrong.  It was very unlike how I usually am in classes.  During our breaks, I was also very brave and outgoing.  I didn't know anyone in my class, but I made an effort to talk with them anyways.  Like the title of this entry says, I felt like a different person!  As I walked home down the busy, bright streets of Granada, I was definitely on a major high.  When I got home, Eva prepared me an amazing dinner of salad with spinach leaves (when I told her I liked spinach salads, she went out and brought spinach leaves the next day =] ), a delicious, grilled and seasoned piece of fish, and some bread and cheese.

At the moment, I am very satisfied with everything here.  I feel that I was placed in the perfect level for the intensive language course, because I can move up to the Hispanic Studies level afterwords.  Eva is soooo caring and nice and I feel so lucky to have her as a Senora.

Adios para ahora!


  1. KRISTEN! I love the title of this entry! I know you may be feeling homesick but trust me.. Al of us back home wish we were there with you! Soon your mom will be there and I bet it will be a blast to show her around :) Keep on!

  2. It will certainly be a blast for me to be shown around.

  3. so proud of you roomie! good job branching out last time you did that you ended up on my rug in my room and we've been best friends ever since! (so I'd say you're making good choices!) and that's pretty sweet that you have the teacher you like for the longer session of the class hooray! :)