Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Rest of My Long Weekend

Sunday was a perfect day to just relax and do nothing since it was so deary and rainy.  I pretty much stayed in and skyped my mom, napped, blogged, and did other random things.  That night I went to Mayerlings with Kristen and Amy.  I didn't get anything because I was a bit broke after Nerja, but they each got some pretty sweet tapas.

Monday after breakfast I went and picked up my ticket for the bull fight from a travel agency in town.  Then in the afternoon I went on a fun little trip to Carrefour with Amy W, Amy M, and Kristen.  When we all met up at the Palacio de Congressos we realized that our group consisted of Amy, Amy, Kristen, and Kristen haha.  After all buying some random snacks and such at Carrefour we were going to walk home but it was pouring rain.  We decided to wait it out for a while and snack on some of our random cookies and chips while we waited.  I don't no why going to Carrefour always seems like such an adventure, since it's just a large, Walmart Supercenter-like store, but it is.

Tuesday was the day of the Corrida de Toros! I pretty much knew before I went that I wouldn't enjoy the bull fight very much or enjoy watching multiple bulls getting killed in one show.  However, I figured that going to one is something that I should experience while I had the change to since it is such a big part of the culture of Spain.  Amy, Ashley, Killian, Hiliary and I met up and walked the long walk to the Toro Plaza.  We didn't know when we brought our tickets online that they assign you a seat, but a bunch of the girls ended up getting seats together anyways.  Even though my seat wasn't by them, I just sat next to them anyways.  

Our seats were right next to a group of Spanish boys who were about our age.  They came very prepared with lots of "beverages," a huge loaf of bread, cheese, several different kinds of meats, and even a whole ham leg! It was pretty funny.  They were very friendly, offering me some of their drinks and food and inviting me to a party that night hahaha.  There were six different bull fighters throughout the show, which meant that six bulls were killed! It was so sad.  I actually only stayed until the intermission though, so I only saw three bulls killed.  I'm glad that I went and experienced a bull fight in Spain, but I don't have any desire to go to another one.  Seeing one is enough for me.  

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