Sunday, May 13, 2012

CEA Farewell Lunch, the Sacromonte, and good ol' Bar Poe

Let me just start off by saying that I will be heading back to the U.S. in a little less then TWO WEEKS! ahh so crazy.  This week we had a Farewell lunch for CEA.  Since the lunch went from 2:15 until after 5 I had to miss my 3:30 class which was the first time that I've missed any class all semester.  Yes, that is what a fabulous student I am.  We went to a pretty random/unknown restaurant called La Hospeder√≠a where we were served our meal by two nuns haha.  On the facebook event page you were able to request a vegetarian meal and since I wanted to avoid being served some sort of beef or sausage or something, I opted for that option. To identify the vegetarian meal people from the rest, they gave us pretty flowers. 
They really should have told us that the large platters of Paella that they served us first weren't  the main dish.  Most of us were already full of bread and Paella when the nuns brought out the actual main meal.  The vegetarians were given salad and tortilla de pata and the non vegetarians were given chicken with potatoes and french fries.  There was such a ridiculous amount of food and I felt bad because a lot of it went to waste.  After the main meal there were two HUGE chocolate cakes and coffee and tea.  Our program directors each made a short speech about how much they had enjoyed the semester and such.
Friday morning I had an activity with my Flamenco class.  We met at Plaza Nueva at 11AM and walked to the Sacromonte to sit in on and watch a Flamenco class.  To get to the Sacromonte we had to walk up a ton of super steep side-streets.  Hiking up there in 80+ degrees weather wasn't too enjoyable.  We were able to watch a Flamenco class that was talking place in the "Escuela Internacional de Flamenco."  There were three women, two guys, and an instructor.  The class was held in an auditorium type room with a huge glass window that looked out over the Alhambra! 

 After watching the class we saw some of the "las cuevas" (caves) of the Sacromonte.  We also went to the "Escuela Carmen de las Cuevas."  There we went up to the rooftop and got the most AMAZING view of the city.  
My friend Rachel and I had made plans to go souvenir shopping in the afternoon.  I knew that I wouldn't want to go all the way back home for lunch just to leave again shortly after so I sat down in the park and ate my sandwich and fruit that I had packed.  That afternoon I met up with Rachel because we wanted to buy the final touristy items for our friends and family.  I bought some little things like key chains, postcards, and a sweet Paella magnet! I also found this really cool boomerang thing that is decorated with colorful beads, a pictures of a toro, and says Granada on it.  I am going to hang that in my room at home.  After leaving my house at 10:40AM that morning, I finally came back at 8PM, exhausted, dehydrated, and so ready to relax and call it a night.  

On Saturday afternoon I went to Federico Garcia Lorca Park with Rachel to work on schoolwork and enjoy the beautiful weather.  It's funny because every time I do to that park I end up running into more of my friends there.  We saw Alejandra, Killian, Demetria, and Anastasia at the park so we sat with them.  That night I went out for tapas at bar Poe with some friends.

Sunday was a nice and relaxing day.  In the morning I had a very accomplishing run.  First of all, I was stopped by a Spanish woman and her husband pushing their adorable baby in a stroller. The woman told me (in Spanish) that they were visiting here and asked if I new of a place where they could go to get drinks/breakfast.  I felt very accomplished that I was able to both understand her perfectly and was able to tell her that she was very close to a street that has several cafes.  Then I randomly came across this event that was sponsored by a popular brand of milk called Puelva. There were a bunch of tents set up, music, and a speaker.  The even was to promote healthy breakfasts and just a healthy lifestyle in general.  They were giving out draw string goodie bags filled with a free t-shirt, milk juice box, and water bottle so I got one of those.  The rest of the day I worked on homework and finally finished my flamenco paper.  I have one week of classes, finals week, and then home to the U.S.! 

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