Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Final Stretch! Ahhh

Wow, less then a week left in Spain!  Unfortunately I'm really, really stressed at the moment.  Also, I have absolutely no motivation to study for my five finals.  This is a big problem because I have three on Monday and two on Tuesday.  I didn't have class yesterday so I devoted the day to studying for my Historia de Espana final.  I procrastinated A LOT though and I have a feeling that today is going to be the same.  It's 12:40PM and although I've been up since 8AM, I have yet to start studying today.  Here are the things that are really stressing me out right now:
1. Finals (obviously).  I don't know why I  let myself get so nervous and freaked out about them.
2. The OPI (Oral Proficiency Exam).  This is an online phone interview exam that I am taking when I get back to the U.S.  In order to get certified to teach Spanish and also to take one of the classes that I am signed up for next semester I have to score an advanced low.  I've talked to a few people that have taken it already and none of them passed it the first time.  One girl had to take it four times and it's a $134 test! (at least for the first time you take it, then I think it's less when you have to retake it).
3. My online summer class starts on Monday too.  I can't figure out how to purchase the online book and material for it.  I also don't know when I'm going to have time to work on that.
4. I'm probably not going to have a job for the Summer which means I will be bored and not have spending money.
5. When am I going to have time to pack up all of my stuff?!

Alright here is just a few things about this past week...
It was SUPER hot here this entire week.  I felt pretty sick and tired a lot because I don't do well in the heat.  The last week of classes were pretty uneventful.  I wrote a five page paper for Flamenco and finally finished up reading my novels for Literatura Espanola.  Yesterday morning I went on a wonderful last extra long run along the river (9 miles).  I didn't look at my watch one time and just tried to take in the beautiful views of the mountains, river, and town.  In the afternoon I went to a tattoo parlor that is close to the CLM with my three friends because my one friend was getting a sparrow tattoo on her inner ankle.  After that we went to Ranchito Mexican Restaurant.  I had a tinto de verano because I am a cheep skate while they got Margaritas and Pina Coladas.  They bought us a plate of nachos for a tapa and it made me want taco night at my house so bad!


  1. Estimado Kristen,
    No pasa nada!

  2. I was in Granada last summer. The city of Granada is incredibly beautiful to walk through and it’s a privilege to look at the all buildings older than most in the US. For how small Granada is compared to Valencia or Paris, the city is very live. Two Euros will get you a glass of someone, whether it be wine or orange juice, with a small tapa. So cool. I found cheap apartment via SR. Dinner usually is about 11pm so a lot of bars and clubs don’t crack until 1, and that doesn’t matter what day of the week it is.