Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Week/Weekend a lot like the Last

I haven't written in my blog a lot lately because to be honest, not much new or exciting has been happening.  I have two midterms next week, so I've been trying to prepare for those.  I was supposed to have three, but one of my professors changed it to the following week.  I'm really not happy about that because that is the week that my mom is going to be here.  I think that I am stressing way too much over my midterms.  The thing is, I really don't know what to expect because I haven't had any tests, quizzes, or pretty much anything to turn in for feedback in any of my classes.  Also, they midterms are a big portion of the final grade.  I'm so excited for  my mom to be here in ONE WEEK!  I asked Eva about putting food in her fridge if I buy some for when my mom is here, and she pretty much told me that she doesn't mind making meals for my mom and I. 

This weekend was another very chill weekend.  Once again, I went for an amazing long run on Saturday.  Just like I did last weekend, I went wayyy far down the Fuente de la Bicha.  I was tried to study Historia de Espana during the day, but wasn't that productive.  I also had a nice, long skype session with my mom.  That night I went out for Tapas with Ashley and Amy at a place called Mayerling.  We all tried a very different, but delicious tapa.  It was rolled eggplant stuffed with seafood and some sort of cheese and then served with a little side salad type thing.   It was the "Tapa Especial" on the tapa menu.  We brought  along some stuff to study while we were there, but Amy and I pretty much just talked while Ashley studied.  I ordered a tinto de verano and obviously tapas are free with your drink since it's Granada, so I got all this for 1,80 euro! 
Sunday was simply a day of studying and e-mailing/skyping with my family.  I finally got a decent amount of studying done.  I've been trying to get everything figured out for when my mom is here and that has been somewhat of a challenge.  I just need my midterms to be over with so I can relax! 

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