Friday, March 23, 2012

Flamenco shows and Midterms

This week was soooo busy.  I had two midterms so I had a lot of studying to do for those.  On Monday I went to a Flamenco event at the CLM (the building that my classes are in)  There was a tocaor (guitarist) a cantaor (singer) and a bailaor (dancer).  There was also a lady that played the violin, which is one of the instruments that sometimes accompanies the guitar during a Flamenco performance.  I have been learning so much about Flamenco lately because not only do I have a class that is all about it, but we also had a Flamenco unit in my Civilization and Culture of Spain class this week.  It was awesome to actually see what I have been learning about so much about.  I also really liked the addition of the violin.  

I had a lot of trouble and stress with trying to plan out things for when my mom is here.  Eva told me that she didn't mind preparing meals for my mom and I while she is here.  Eva and I then planned out a bunch of traditional Spanish dishes that she was going to make, such as Paella and Tortilla de Patata.  Then the next day Eva told me that it's not allowed to have parents in the home-stay house for several meals.  I was so disappointed because I had told my mom about all of the delicious meals that Eva was going to cook for us.  Then Eva talked to someone from the CEA program and found out that she actually IS allowed to cook meals for us.  They just don't allow parents to stay with the home-stay families while they are visiting Granada because people might think that the student's family is paying the Senora to sleep and eat there, or something strange like that.  My mom also pretty much put me in charge of figuring out EVERYTHING (the hotel, transportation from the airport, etc.) so I had to take care of that too.  I'm hoping that everything goes smoothly when she gets here TOMORROW! ahh I'm so excited though =]

My midterms went pretty well.  I had my Civ. and Culture one on Wednesday, and it wasn't very hard at all.  Then on Thursday I had my Historia de Espana midterm.  It was pretty difficult to learn, study, and take the test on the history all in Spanish when I don't even know the history in English to begin with.  That one went pretty well too though.  Unfortunately I still have on more midterm to go (on Tuesday).  It's for my Spanish Lit. class and I'm sort of nervous for it. 
Last night I went to a Flamenco show in the Albayzin.  My Flamenco class and the professor all went to it together.  We met up at Plaza Nueva and then walked up to the Albayzin from there.  Although there were several things that were similar to the Flamenco even that I went to on Monday, this show was definitely pretty different from the first.  The one at the school was a lot more clam and most of the performers were professors of their skill (the dancer was a teacher of Flamenco dancing for example).  The guitarrist also told us some of the history and other information about Flamenco inbetween songs.  The performers in the Albayzin performance were more "rugged" and to me at least, seemed like authentic performers.  We sat at tables and they brought everyone pitchers of sangria.  

I can't believe that my mom is coming tomorrow! I also can't believe that it is already the end of March.  Time is going by so extremely fast.  On Sunday, I will have exactly two more months left in Spain.  My 21st birthday is on Thursday!  It is also the day of a nationwide strike in Spain for the labor reform.  A bunch of people aren't going to work that day, and some professors are canceling their classes.  As far as I know I still have classes that day though.  It's also my registration day for my Fall classes at ISU.  College in general is just flying by way to fast.

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