Monday, April 9, 2012

Second Half of Spring Break/Semana Santa

Unfortunately, I had two more failed attempts at trying to watch the Semana Santa parades.  It continued to rain on and off for the rest of the week so they kept having to cancel processions.  On Thursday night my friends Sarah, Killian, Demetria, and I went out around 9:30PM in search of processions.  There were supposed to be a few going on around that time so we figured that  we were bound to run into at least one.  We wandered the streets for almost an hour but couldn't find any.  We ended up just going to cafe futbol.  I didn't get anything but Demetria got churros and chocolate and Sarah got ice cream.  The next day my friend Amy told me that all of the processions that day had been canceled. So sad!

On Friday I messaged a few of my friends to see if they wanted to go watch the processions but none of them responded.  I decided to go out anyways to watch them.  I ended up running into my friends Rachel, Sarah, Marlee, and Katie on the street Reyes Catholicos. There was supposed to be a procession passing by the street Gran Via so we all walked over there.  We waited for a while and then of course it started raining, and then pouring.  On our walk back to our houses, we ran into my friend Ashley.  Since she didn't have an umbrella I shared mine with her and she told me about her trip to Italy that she had just gotten back from.  Luckily one procession was able to leave that day a little after 8PM, but at that point I was already home, in my sweatpants, tired, and ready to just chill the rest of the night and talk with Eva. 

Saturday I FINALLY was able to watch a procession.  At 5:30PM I met up with my friends at Correos.  We walked over to the entrance way to the Alhambra, thinking that a procession would pass by there around 6:00.  We were obviously a little mistaken about the time that it was going to pass by that point, because the procession didn't come by until after 7:30.  However, since we were so early we had a really good spot.  Since there were only two processions that day and so many had been canceled during the week it seemed like the entire city had come to watch the ones on Saturday.  
Eva told me that the float with Jesus that was in the procession that I saw was the most famous and the most expensive float in Granada.  After the procession passed, we followed the crowd down the street.  When we were trying to leave we ended up getting trapped on the patio of a bar because we thought that there was a way out on the other side.  Then we had to watch the parade pass by again because we literally couldn't move.  It was pretty frustrating trying to get home because I kept running into the procession, and then a different one, on the streets that I needed to cross.

Easter Sunday I was definitely feeling homesick.  When my mom came, she brought Easter baskets for Jorge, Eva, and I in her carry-on suitcase.  Jorge had slept at his dad's house though, so I couldn't give him his until he got home that night.  In the morning I gave Eva her Easter basket though, with dove chocolate and lotion that my mom had brought for her at Corte Ingles after the original lotion didn't make it through airport security.  Easter in Spain doesn't usually include Sunday morning Easter baskets, but I had explained the whole concept to Eva a few days before and showed her pictures from google images too.  I also showed her a video of a Peep in the microwave and she found it very funny and entertaining.  During the day I skyped Alyssa and then later I skyped with my mom, grandma, and dad.

Today was my first day back at the CLM in over a week.  It was a pretty exhausting and long day, but I'm actually glad to be back at school.  I don't do well with a ton of free time.  Of course now that Semana Santa is over the weather today was beautiful.  There were clear, blue skies the entire day and was in the high 70's.  This weekend I am going on a trip to Cordoba and Seville with my program.  We are the second group to go on the trip, and everyone from the first group said that it was so much fun.  

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