Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just An Update

This week was sort of a weird week class-wise for me.  For one thing, one of my professors (Jose Javier) was gone at some conference the whole week.  In my Flamenco class that I have with him, we had this old man as a substitute.  He literally just stood in front of the class and rambled about Flamenco the entire time and we were all bored out of our minds.  Then in my Literature class we had a sub that was pretty good, but he presented these PowerPoints that were more like short novels, and no one really new what was going on. I also felt bad for him because he couldn't get anyone to participate when we were analyzing poems.  Then my other professor (who I also have for two different classes) had her dad die in the beginning of the week.  I didn't have class with her that day and then I had even more subs for those two classes that I have with her.  

The weather wasn't that great during the week unfortunately. It was cloudy, not very warm, and rained a bit.  One day during the week Eva made me one of the strangest looking meals that I have had yet.  It was a huge fish tale.  Whenever she makes fish there is always a bunch of little while bones in it and usually a bigger bone too.  Eww.  At least she served it to me with some marinated vegetables on the side and a spinach salad. Then she made up for it the next day by making a delicious new dish of pasta topped with a homemade creamy mushroom sauce.  

On Friday I went with Amy, Kristen, and Sarah to a Cafe called Bib-Rambla, which is known for being the oldest cafe in Granada.  It opened in 1907.  In Plaza Bib Rambla, where the Cafe is, there was a book sale going on with tables full of cheap books for sale.  I bought a cookbook called "Cocina Espanola" for 1 euro.  Amy and Sarah split a plate of Churros and Chocolate at the Cafe.   

That night I went out for tapas with Hilary, Killian, and Sarah.  We went to a bar that I've never been to before even though it's really close to my house.  The one thing that I didn't like is that they bring everyone at the table a plate with the same tapa, so you don't get to choose which one you want.  The second tapa that we got was little triangles of tortilla de patata though, so that was tasty.  

On Saturday and Sunday the weather was really beautiful and warm.  I spent a lot of Saturday outside reading my book called "Nada" for my lit class.  Sunday afternoon I meet up with my friends at Garcia Lorca Park and we read, worked on homework, and enjoyed the sun.  I also was able to skype with Alyssa (very shortly) and my mom and dad this weekend, so I was really happy about that.  I miss them sooo much.  It's crazy to think that I'll be home in a little over a month though!  I'm really nervous for the Oral Proficiency Exam (OPI) that I have to take at ISU when I get back to the U.S.  I need to score at an advanced-low level or higher to get certified to teach Spanish and to take one of the classes that I am signed up for next semester. I am also nervous for the student teaching interview that I have at Glenbard North High School on May 29th. 

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